William Dean Consultancy ltd. was formed in 1985 explicitly to provide mainframe systems and operational support to companies facing the 'Big Bang' financial revolution in the City of London. The company founders already had years of experience in the IT industry working for such companies as ICL and Dataskil working in the United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Yugoslavia.

Our Senior Consultant has over 40 years experience in the IT industry and will bring a wealth of expertise to any IT project and our staff undergo continuous training in both the technical aspects and equally importantly, customer care - a priority for us. We are customer focussed and take pride in the fact that many of our customers have been with us for years.

We provide practical, cost effective solutions to suit every budget.

We understand the constraints faced by small and medium sized companies and do not believe in selling unnecessary add-ons and 'frills' (unless the customer really wants them).

By working closely with our customers and developing a deep understanding of their business needs, we aim to maximise the benefit of any IT investment they make.

While WDC may not be able to directly supply all your IT requirements we probably have a partner who can and we are happy to act as a 'one stop shop' or refer you directly to them.

No nonsense, plain speaking, informative and practical.

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