10 general hints for a good business computer installation :-
  1. When purchasing several workstations at once consider buying an extra unit for use as a 'hot spare'.
  2. File all software installation media in a safe place and label them clearly.
  3. If you have downloaded software such as drivers from the Internet, take a copy to CD or DVD and file it carefully.
  4. When sending files consider their size. The recipient may have limitations and remember as digital cameras (including those on mobile 'phones) get more sophisticated the file size of the pictures they produce get larger and larger.
  5. For insurance purposes keep a secure note of all serial numbers.
  6. Keep a supply of consumables (ink cartridges, blank optical discs etc.). You can guarantee the printer will run out of toner at the most inconvenient time.
  7. If your electricity supply is anything less than perfect install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This provides a smoothed power supply to the server protecting from spikes, dips and power failures.
  8. Apply Service Packs. Microsoft regularly release Service Packs and System Updates which fix many common problems and often address newly discovered security issues. Some Server updates require a reboot so schedule these to run at a time that does not disrupt your business.
  9. Don’t let the PC run out of disk space. Lack of space can cause corruption of critical system files.
  10. When planning the size of your disk storage allow for at least twice as much space as you think you will need and ensure the backup devices are large enough to accommodate this.

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