IP telephony uses the Internet to make voice calls using the Voice over IP (VoIP) protocol.

The virtual telephone exchange can either be a Cloud Service or an specialised on-site router.

  • Although you will need broadband, you will not need any other BT services.

  • You are not tied to the local BT exchange so if (for example) you move from London to Christmas Common you can keep your 0207 number.

  • Within the office, the IP phones use the same cabling as the computers, saving on doubling up on cables in the workplace.

  • If you have more than one office, or staff working from home, calls between handsets on the same 'exchange' are free.

  • Softphone software will allow internet connected PCs to be used for phone calls (microphone and speaker required).
  • All voice lines are through the Internet, so if your broadband goes down all calls will divert to backup, normally the line that the broadband is running over, but optionally mobile phones.

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