Tablets were made popular by the Apple iPad and Microsoft got in on the act once they release Windows 8, which made the use of a touch screen practical in a Windows environment.

Android have also a stake in the Tablet market with low cost devices that mey be suitable for some.

The disadvantage of iPads is that they cannot be upgraded. If you decide that 64GB is not enough storage, put it on E-Bay and buy a 128GB model. The advantage is that they are smart, generally reliable, have access to a vast library of 'apps' and are a great fasion accessory.

Windows based tablets on the other hand are gaining a foothold in the tablet niche. From the Acer and Samsung to Microsoft's the power and costs vary tremendiously and most come with an optional keyboard that allws quick transformation to a laptop making them more of general business use machine that the iPad.

My Acer Iconia W700P-02 Tablet This website was written on an Acer Iconia W770P tablet which, when connected to two additional screens, a pair of USB speakers, a USB DVD reader/writer, an external keyboard and mouse, I use as my day to day office PC.

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